Discounted Call Package » Advantages


There are many advantages for deployment of the Discounted Call Package. The use of IP based technology coupled with Competitive Call Rates and effective call analysis tools will enable notable call savings for organisations. Advantages include :
  • Cost savings for STD, mobile and international calls ranging from 30% to 90%.

  • Utilize existing IP network to route inter-branch calls and conferencing for free.

  • No hidden cost, eliminate call to dialler method which requires additional charges of up to 8 cents per minute. 

  • Ability to pass your caller ID to recipient (no more unknown numbers).

  • Web based call detail reporting. You are able to access call reports at any time instead of having to wait until month end.

  • Portal to monitor usage and the ability to analyse costs by call types. Our portal allows for analysis of calls through our gateway, sorting of calls by numbers dialed and entity relationships between the called party and your organization.

  • No need for any changes to existing phone system. The IP Gateway shall intercept between incoming PSTN line and incumbent PBX. Incumbent phone system will not be tampered upon.

  • Backup route PSTN network when:
    • VOIP network is down
    • High latency to Voiztalk VOIP PSTN gateway