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IP  Enable PBX for free

If you are an organisation looking for a discounted call solution to be deployed within your existing phone system environment without hardware investments and without replacing or adjusting your existing phone system, Discounted Call Package is your solution.

Sign up with Voiztalk Discounted Call Package where an IP Gateway shall be placed at your premise. The Gateway will :

  1. Route all outgoing Mobile, STD, IDD calls via IP, directly from your premise (thereby eliminating additional 8 cents and 4 cents hidden call cost to discounted call provider’s gateway – dialler method)
  2. Remain to be property of Voiztalk and will be on loan to your organisation.
Immediate Savings to Phone Bills + 0 Investment = IMMEDIATE ROI

Voiztalk Discounted Call Package caters to both PRI as well as Analog lines. (Note: Terms apply.)