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AvantFAX is a web application for managing faxes. As part of value creation, Voiztalk IP PBX comes with Avantfax to assist organizations manage their incoming faxes.

  • Users can view faxes online with any standard web browser (IE6/7, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, and Opera)
  • Enable users to receive fax and send out fax without having to leave their work desks
  • Recognizable fax numbers can have their faxes forwarded directly to an email address in PDF format
  • Download your faxes in PDF format
  • Users can forward faxes via email without the need of an email client
  • Unlimited users (leading to savings in user licensing costs)
  • Unlimited fax lines - the number of fax lines managed by AvantFAX is not limited
  • Email to FAX support
  • DID/DTMF-based routing support

  • Easily monitor and log what your users are faxing and to where
  • Faxes are stored in PDF format instead of a proprietary file format
  • Incoming faxes can be forwarded via email
  • Users on any platform use the same identical interface
  • Faxes are archived on the server instead of in filing cabinets
  • Eliminates multiple fax machines in a single facility
  • No need to stand next to fax machine
  • Able to do multiple send outs
  • Send faxes directly from your computer with email confirmation
  • Reduces paper and toner use in both the fax machine and office printer

Sample of the interfaces include:

Click the screenshot below to understand more about AvantFax:

Inbox Section Send Fax Archive Section
Contacts Section Settings Section