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Call Center Features

Voiztalk IP PBX is scaleable to an enterprise call center system with comprehensive solutions to be deployed in world-class contact centers. The call center solution features include:

  • Auto Attendant & Complex IVR
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) with Skills Based Routing
  • Call Distribution Logic (Round Robin, Next-Available Agent, etc)
  • Recording, Monitoring and Barge Features
  • Agent Performance Data
  • Queue Statistics (Abandon Rate, average wait time, SLA, etc)
  • Multiple Queues and Incoming Lines
  • CLI (Caller Line Identification) routing to specific agent or workgroup
  • Wait Time Notification
  • Music On Hold
  • Web Based Management Screens
  • Integrate your web-enabled CRM to Inbound/Outbound screen pop-ups
  • Extensive and Customizable Queues
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting
  • Full-feature IP PBX
  • CTI Integration with existing systems
  • Remote IP Agent capabilities

Comprehensive Reports
The reports display accurate information for your call center activity in nice formated tables and informative charts. Even more: you have the option to export the reports to pdf and csv (Excel). There are a myriad of metrics available: Service Level Agreement, Abandon Rates, Call Distributions, Agent Activity and a lot more.

Solid and Well Tested
The software is used in small SOHO call centers and also on big corporations.

Sample of the interfaces include:
Click the screenshot below to understand more about Call Center:

Answered Report Agents Report Realtime Report
Options Selection Settings Tool

Unanswered Report

Distribution Report Fields Information
Help on Event

Search Information

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Renewed Interface
A completely renewed interface that adds functionality, flexibility and offer improvements for a better browsing experience. Graphics are now Flash free!

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Report Designer
You can customize the reports with your own metrics or formulas. No coding required. Everything from the included web-based setup utility.

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Translation Tool
A new translation engine that can be accessed via web. You can translate the reports to any language you like if its not already translated.

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Realtime View
The Realtime report shows concise and trusted data. You can view agents and queues in action. Succesfully tested in big enviroments.