What  is IP PBX?

An IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private branch exchange) is a telephone system that is designed to deliver voice or video over a data network using the Internet Protocol and is interoperate with the normal Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). iRepublics.com's IP PBX also allows the convergence of voice, data, call center, fax, voicemail, VOIP, Skype into one unified system.

Besides the traditional PBX functionalities, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gateways and routings are also incorporated to enable businesses to use their network to enjoy discounted calls, free inter-branch calls and free calls among iRepublics.com's network. The compelling benefits of a converged network for voice, data and advanced CTI features; or used on a pure IP system have demonstrated to provide greater cost savings, greater mobility, and increased redundancy.

IP-PBX can be viewed as a conventional PBX that can accept and make VoIP calls. An IP-PBX can also switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user, or between two traditional telephone users in the same way that a conventional PBX can.

While traditional telephone system requires for segregation between voice and data communications, IP PBX enables passing of voice through a data network. Hence, the availability of a Broadband line will enable use of the same line for not just data (emails, internet access) but also voice (VoIP) thus enabling cost savings to phone calls.

IP Phones used in conjunction with the IP PBX enable users to accept as well as make Discounted as well as normal telephone calls.

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