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Call Center Stats PRO 2 Features

Predefined Reports
The following reports are integrated with Call Center Stats PRO 2:

  • Distribution: by queue, by month, by week, by day, by week day, by hour, by URL, and a detailed report.
  • Answered Calls: by queue, by wait time, by agent, by disconnection cause, by duration, transferred calls, and a detailed report
  • Answered and Unanswered Service Level Reports
  • Unanswered Calls: by queue, by disconnection cause, by URL and a detailed report
  • Agent Availability, Sessions and Pause Durations, Call Dispositions, and a Detailed Paused Report and Session Report
  • and many more!

Inline Help
While browsing grids you will see queue events and detailed information about each step in a queue call flow. Some of the fields vary in meaning depending on the event involved.

We added inline help to these reports so you can understand the data in an easier way. Just place the mouse over those fields and a tooltip will appear explaining each one.


Charts on HTML5 and JS
Charts are showing using HTML5 and Javascript, you dont need a flash enabled browser to see them.

Mouse over each bar to see its information in detail.


Search Form
Are you looking for an specific call? A search form will show a quick result from your query.

You can search by CallerId, Agent, Queue, Call Duration and Date Ranges.


PDF & Excel Export
Each grid shown has its own export icon that will let you download the viewed information in PDF file or CSV (comma separated values) for Excel compatible spreadsheets.

PDF files are colorfull for better understanding. CSV files allows to work with cells and perform any calculation you want.


Detail Drill-down Grids
The results grouped in each grid can be viewed in details just clicking into its linked item.

A drill-down grid will appear showing the calls in details with Asterisk Events and other relevant information like caller-id, agent, timing information, etc.


Realtime Parsing Queue Logs
Using an innovative tool, the software parse the queue information each time an event have been logged. At this point you can perform a realtime query for situations till present without any delay. Also for who is interested, we keep another log parser for grab information at specific time using cron jobs.


Listen To Recordings
You can record all the calls connected and our tool will convert them into MP3 format to save you disk space and show them on each detailed record.

The actions will let you listen with a simple but functional player or download as a file.


Users Access and Levels
User management tool allows to create, modify or delete as many users as you need.

You can assign different roles to each user and define which queue or agent can be audited per role or even per user.


Queues and Agent Dictionary
As any Queue is numbered in Asterisk and Agents are also defined with its device or channel we created a dictionary.

The dictionary tool will allow you to see the customized friendly name for each one.


Scheduled Reports and Notifications
A new tool allows you to select multiple reports and send them via email in specific days and hours.

Includes an notification tool that will inform to the given email/s when a specified variable inside a report has been exceeded a given value.


Realtime Information
The Realtime report shows concise and trusted data. You can view agents and queues in action. Succesfully tested in big enviroments.

Improved method for accessing online information and today general report.


Rest Webservice
Rest web service is implemented for accessing the information using development skills.

Make your own reports data queries and define the way to work with the information returned as you want.


Actions in Realtime
As a manager, you can SPY (or listen to) the calls in progress. Also you can Coach your Agent using whisper method during the call.

Another action will let you steal the call from an agent.


Report Designer
You can customize the reports with your own metrics or formulas. No coding required.

Everything from the included web-based setup utility.